Laurelville Family Conference

Each year we meet with brothers and sisters from Covenant Baptist Church of Uniontown, PA, and beyond for a few days of fellowship, Bible study, and general fun.  The conference takes place at the Laurelville Mennonite Retreat Center at 941 Laurelville Lane (some GPS units prefer 941 Laurelville-Mennonite Road), Mt. Pleasant, PA.
The next conference will be Thursday night through Sunday morning, August 9-12, 2018.  On that Sunday, Grace Chapel will meet at Laurelville, rather than in Kingwood, for our worship service.
Below are the brochure and registration forms from this year’s conference, simply for reference.  We will post the 2018 forms as soon as they are available, probably in late May or early June.
2017 Laurelville brochure
2017 Registration Form for Solarhouse
2017 Registration Form for Camping