Grace Chapel Distinctives

Grace Chapel is a New Covenant, Reformed, Baptist Church.
A Reformed Church:  We are convinced that unless the Holy Spirit first gives a new heart and new eyes, no one can or will ever turn from sin and follow Jesus as Lord.  We did not, would not, and could not go looking for God, but God made up His mind to save a people, and bought them at the cost of His own Son, and sent His Spirit to open their eyes and to keep them safe to the end.  These realities are sometimes referred to as the Doctrines of Grace.
A New Covenant Church:  We believe that the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ is the sole focus and goal of ALL of Scripture.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of EVERY promise of God through His perfect obedience to ALL of God’s Law for His people, the Church.  Because of this, we understand that followers of Christ are bound, not to the law given to Moses, but to the Law of Christ, called to love God as the Son loves His Father, and to love our neighbors as Jesus has loved us.
A Baptist Church:  We believe that baptism is for those who have expressed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and is a visual proclamation of the gospel, rather than being itself a means of salvation.  We believe that baptism is most biblically practiced by immersion.  We believe that the church’s worldwide unity depends, not on denominational structures or hierarchies, but on a shared faith and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ, lived out in local churches.